Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Moments

I pulled out my Christmas notebook tonight (I'm always worried about forgetting things, so I have to write everything down), and as I was making lists of gifts, and projects, and things to do I remembered that I have a blog. So before it all passes by I thought I would post some of our fall goings on. Life has been crazy as I've adjusted to our household growing from 4 people and 2 dogs to 7 people and 4 dogs. Having Mike and Tiff and Carter here is great, we have had a lot of fun.

I love fall. Mandi's post about fall was the best and ever since then I have wanted to take a minute and post about some of the things I love about fall. Darren is at a meeting tonight, the kids are in bed, so since I have a minute I'm going to take advantage of it.

Every fall I love to go to Gardner Village and see the witches. I love that place, I love the little shops, and the treats at Sweet Aftons. Mom came with us, and we had a great time. Sarah knew exactly what she wanted to see, and made sure we found all the right witches.

We went camping with the whole Shipley clan (except Melanie and Dan-we miss you guys, and Daniel and Mindy didn't really camp, they just came up for dinner one night) over UEA. We went to Look out Pass. The weather was so nice, I had been worried about that and took Shelby shopping because she had no long pants and no long sleeved shirts, and no real shoes. Riding the 4 wheelers has become my kids favorite thing-thanks Brett and Jen, we need to get some of our own. Even Keno loves a ride, Molly likes to run along side and barks at you when you go too fast.Here is Shelby and yes, that is my grandparents old trailer in the background. I love that thing, it is a 1978, but it is way better than sleeping in a tent on the ground.That's Mike and Tiff on the 4 wheeler, Mike is giving Sarah a ride. Sarah left the helmet on the time so that she was always ready for a ride.Check out Carter! To say he loved the 4 wheelers would be an understatement. He really took to driving that little one, and we had to keep reminding him to drive slower, he didn't believe he could crash.

Our next fun fall thing was Pumpkinpalooza at Thanksgiving Point. For $5 you go there and carve a pumpkin, and they clean up the mess! This sounded like just the thing for me! Well, that was before the kids got pumpkins from both sets of grandparents, but I figured oh well we can go anyway. Tiffanie and I bought potato head pumpkin sets and the kids wanted to paint pumpkins so they will also get to carve a pumpkin with the help of someone else. I don't like carving pumpkins, its gooey and sticky, I hate being sticky. I usually let Darren do it, that way I can take pictures-see sneaky right?

Yep, thats me carving a pumpkin. Sarah's pumpkin. Darren carved Shelby's and Mike carved Carter's. So much for getting out of carving pumpkins. Next year I'll make my own treats, turn on my own spooky music, and do it in the backyard and save 10 bucks. If the kids want to paint pumpkins I won't argue.While I was carving her pumpkin Sarah took this picture of all the guts.See Sarah with my cute pumpkin? I mean her pumpkin.Photo op. at Pumpkinpalooza.Finally, the kids with their potato head pumpkins. Those turned out so cute. We went to pumpkinpalooza last Wednesday night and with the warm weather our carved pumpkins aren't looking so hot.

So there you have it, our life over the last couple of months in a nutshell, aren't the pictures awesome? I love this time of year, I love wearing a sweater, I love the taste and smell of pumpkin spice (have you tried the hershey's kisses?). Fall is also the beginning of birthday season, my Shelby turns 11 on the 8th, so be prepared for something totally sentimental then.