Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have a school room and a coat closet!

I am soooooooo excited! We turned the room that Mike and Tiff were using into our school room, and turned my upstairs hall closet into a coat closet. Not having a coat closet is one of the things that has frustrated me about this house, (along with a small kitchen) and it was fairly easy to take out three of the shelves and add a closet rod.

A few years ago Darren and I listened to some cds about love language. My love language is time. That means the best way to show love to me is to spend time with me, or doing things for me. Darren and I agreed that I could make him a "honey do" list so he would know what projects I wanted done. Now, along with this comes another agreement, defining what is "enough", because honestly once he starts working I could work him to death on projects and it would never be enough because there is no end to the projects I can think of that need to be done. This also hold true for the way he recieves love, there has to be a definition of what is enough. So, back to my school room and closet. Yesterday we met my brother at the storage unit he shares with my parents to get McKay's old twin bed. We brought that home. Then Darren installed four more shelves in the closet of the school room. Then, he took Shelby's day bed apart, we hauled it to the school room (needed for a comfy place to read, and for the ocasional cousin sleepover), and put it back together. I set to work emptying the upstairs closet and moving the school stuff downstairs while Darren put the twin bed from the storage unit together in Shelby's room. When that was done he knocked out the shelves in the hall closet and installed a closet rod! I would say all of that work was more than "enough" I'm certain that he loves me! I love the new space, not only the school room, but in my closet now that coats are not hanging in there. It is also nice to have all the school stuff in one place, and not poking out from every available corner.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sarah's Birthday!

Sarah's birthday was on Wednesday. She is now 7! True to Sarah form she had very clear rules about what should happen on her birthday. First, "the color of 7 is green". I had no idea, but this meant that we had to have green pancakes for breakfast. I guess she liked the St. Patrick's day pancakes so much she invented a reason to do it again. Next rule, I was supposed to wake her up. This was a bit of a problem since birthdays are like Christmas and she was up much earlier than normal, so I failed on that one. Third, the balloons have to be pink and white. Check. We got that one right. Fourth, we had to have lunch at McDonald's, "the one that is almost to Smiths, and I get to tell everyone where to sit(at our house this is a big deal)" Check. Fifth, we had to see Monsters vs. Aliens. Check(totally cute movie). Last, she wanted a pink unicorn cake with a rainbow colored main. I made one for Shelby when she turned 5, so I was thinking I had this one under control too. I should have shown pictures to Sarah first. When she saw the cake it took her a minute to even figure out what it was -ouch. She apparantly had something else in mind, I guess I'm just not the cute cake makin' kind of mom. The more she looked at it the more she liked it.
After the movie we went to Walmart to get her a brand new bike. She promised that when she turned 7 she would stop sucking her thumb. We have told her that when she stops we will get her a bike. Well, the jury's still out on the thumb thing. She can suck it at night, I can't really stop that, and she's trying to stop so that's good. Yes, she's wearing a different outfit. I took this picture today. It was snowing on her birthday, so I didn't get any pictures of her with the bike on her big day.

So there you have it. Sarah is a 7 year old, no trainig wheel bike ridin' opinionated girl, that is trying to stop sucking her thumb. I can't believe it!