Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Up

So, on Monday I had this whole list of things I wanted to blog about. Basically it was stuff that's been going on and stuff that's been on my mind. Well Monday we went to the Capital and by that night I couldn't remember any of it, except that we went to the Capital.

The tour of the Capital was really neat. We visited the Capital in August when a copy of the Declaration of Independence was on display. It was cool to go back and learn more about the art and the different rooms. Then, since it was the opening day of the legislative session we got to go watch that for a minute. This is turning in to the year of U.S. History studies for school. We watched the inauguration, studied a little about the presidency, and I read some past inaugural addresses.
Shelby is looking at the seagulls painted on the rotunda.
Sarah in the old Supreme Court room
Carter thought it was awesome that he could walk on glass and not get in trouble.

Garrett and Hayley got married on the 17th, and it was awesome! I am so happy for them. I talked to Garrett tonight and they are just enjoying wedded bliss. Lucky!

Also going on right now. I am selling some of my rubber stamps on, I wasn't really sure if they would be something that people would be interested in,but I have sold 5 sets, 2 background stamps, and all my wheels. I had invested too much money in them to just donate them, and who can't use extra cash? I keep looking around my house wondering what else I can sell.

I am so so so glad this is the last week of January. It is the hardest month for me, I'm sure lots of people can relate. I hate the gray days. This year I've tried to be grateful for every day I see blue sky. I am looking forward to February, I have some fun Valentine things planned for my kids. My inlaws are going to Hawaii on Valentines Day, how unfair is that? Actually they totally deserve it. Darren and I have plans for a weekend getaway for our anniversary, and looking forward to that has helped me get through this long gray month.

Keno needs a new sweater. His "Freddy Kruger" sweater is wearing out. It got washed and then put in the dryer so now it doesn't fit right. But, if we act like we are going to take it off he growls. He likes his sweater, it keeps him warm.

I need to go watch "Lost" now. I am so glad that it is back, it is one of my favorite shows (maybe my favorite). I have a friend that sends me emails each week with his insights and how things are all connected and that makes it even more fun. Like this:

Its interesting how each season is about as long as the numbers in reverse

Season 1= covers 42 days
Season 2=covers 23 days
season 3=covers 16 days
season 4=covers 15 days
season 5= 70 hours or 8 days?
season 6=4 days?

I know it doesn't make sense unless you watch the show, and to try to explain it is too much, and I end up sounding like an idiot. But then so did Hurley when he explained it to his mom in last week's episode. Ok I have to go watch it now. I just wanted to let my little blogging circle know that I wasn't giving up on my blog yet.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The best holidays ever-Saturday Sentiments

I really had the best holidays ever. On Christmas I got to stay in my pajamas until 3pm, that was the best! We watched new movies, played the wii, and napped. Later that night my family came over for dinner and I really enjoyed visiting with them and playing some Guitar Hero. Our Shipley family Christmas celebration was moved to the day after Christmas because of the snow storm that was coming. We took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point (Sarah was almost more excited about that trip than Christmas itself). At the Shipley's Brett brought his 4-wheeler and pulled the kids around on a sled, they had a great time and played outside until they were frozen. We also got the exciting news that Melanie and Dan are having a baby! We are so excited. What will the kids do when their favorite aunt becomes a mom?

I also had some fun date nights with my brothers and sisters as well as Darren's and our parents. Its so fun to get to visit without the kids running around, we get to enjoy each other and I really love that.

New Years Eve we had our regular little party. Melanie and Dan came, and so did Daniel and Mindy and their kids. We played singstar, Guitar Hero and ate. The kids love to stay up late and then explode poppers (thats what we call those things that you pull a string and they explode and shoot colored streamers all over the yard) at midnight.

New Years Day was spent putting away Christmas. Tiffanie and I worked hard for 3 hours taking down decorations and moving furniture. Nothing like moving furniture to start the year off right. I have lots of goals for this new year, but today my heart is full of gratitude as I realize how blessed my family has been this past year. We have made it through some trials we weren't expecting and I have again realized that my life is in the hands of my Heavenly Father. I want to do all I can this year to show how grateful I am for that.