Friday, April 13, 2012

Here's what I've learned this week!

The weight loss is not going as I would like, but I am determined to stick to my goals. I have been working hard at asking for support, and I'm not putting any false notions out there that "I've got this" because I don't. I know I've done it before and that leads me to believe I can do it again. Tiffanie is always there for me to lean on and I really appreciate that. Yesterday I emailed a friend that I admire, Becky has done amazing things with her life (you should check out her blog), she quickly replied and reminded me that this IS HARD! I broke down, which was so therapeutic. I have been trying to hold it all together and act like I can do all this, when the reality is that I can't do it all, all of the time. Sometimes I need help. That is a huge lesson for me. I am so grateful for my loving Heavenly Father that helps me through all of my struggles. I am grateful that to Him they are just as big a deal as they are to me.

I have been reading Daughters in My Kingdom. I just want to share a little something that I really enjoyed and could relate to. This is a quote from the daughter of Louise Y. Robison 7th Relief Society General President.

“When Mother went to President Grant’s office to be set apart, she felt sure he had been misinformed about her abilities, so she told him she’d be happy to do her best in whatever he asked her to do, but she wanted him to know that she had a limited education, and very little money and social position, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be the example that the women of the Relief Society would expect in a leader. She finished by saying ‘I’m just a humble woman!’ President Grant answered, ‘Sister Louizy, 85% of the women of our Church are humble women. We are calling you to be the leader of them."

I think she is awesome! I have loved reading this book, it is really giving me a love for Relief Society. It is an interesting calling to be Relief Society president, it is the most frightening calling I have ever had, but I also love it! The love that I feel for the sisters in my ward is overwhelming and I know that is because God loves them sooooooo much!

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