Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's what's awesome!

I'm home alone! Well, except for the dogs. I am decorating my house for Christmas- I love decorating for Christmas, it makes me happy! I am also listening to Pandora, which I love and customizing my own Christmas playlist, way fun! It plays on the laptop in the kitchen while I work in the living room. I have been distracted playing on the computer, reading blogs and stuff, but here's the awesome part-It doesn't matter! I'm home alone and I can do whatever I want!!!!!! I went to Holiday and got me a Diet Pepsi, with 2 shots of vanilla and I have a gingerbread scentsy thing melting (its not a real scentsy smell I got it a Robert's, but it is yummy). I think gingerbread is going to be my thing this Christmas(you know how candy corn was it for Halloween). I have already bought these yummy white chocolate gingerbread balls from Target and Little Debbie gingerbread cookies, I haven't had one yet, but they are only 90 calories so I'm looking forward to that treat, maybe later. How did I manage this little gift of alone time you ask? Well let me tell ya. Darren took the girls shooting, that's right my girls are with their dad and uncles shooting guns. I've warned everyone about Sarah's difficulty keeping the commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Kill",(see this post) so let's hope that everyone comes back ok. Have a great Saturday!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Tag {Fives}

My friend Ashley tagged me! Here goes.

Five Things I don't leave the House without
  1. Purse
  2. Phone (sometimes I forget)
  3. Shoes
  4. Make-up on and hair done (unless I'm going to workout)
  5. Water bottle or a cup to fill with Diet Pepsi
Five Cartoons I watched when I was Younger
  1. Smurfs
  2. Jem
  3. Scooby Doo
  4. Carebears
  5. The Flintstone's
Five Things That Terrify Me
  1. Something terrible happening to Darren or my kids.
  2. Going up the stairs in the dark or with someone behind me.
  3. Birds
  4. Being Sticky
  5. Smelling like Pickles
Five Things I hate/dislike that everyone else seems to like
  1. Pickles
  2. Country Music
  3. Walmart
  4. Oprah
  5. The Olive Garden
Five Things I want to do before I Die
  1. Go to Europe
  2. Go to Asia
  3. Go to Hawaii
  4. Go on a Mission with Darren
  5. Go to the temple with my kids
Five People I tag
  1. Tiffanie
  2. Tori
  3. Dad
  4. Liz
  5. Hayley